11 August 2008

Aldabra Tortorise FDC

Name: Tortorise
Date of Issue: 2 August 2008
Denominations: 500p, 1500p
Tortorise named ADWAITYA lived some 250 years on this Earth.
He was kept in Alipore zoological garden, Kolkata.
He was the longest living animal in the world having lived for more than 250 years.
These are the first hexagonal stamps issued by India

FDC from Ukraine

Thanks to Igor

02 August 2008

World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2008 FDC

Name: World Philatelic Exhibition EFIRO 2008
Date of Issue:20 June 2008
Denominations:PLN 3
Immediately on the opening day of the EFIRO 2008 exhibition Poczta Polska has issued the stamp in block, featuring an open envelope, out of which the fragment of the Romanian Athenaeum building can be seen. Off the stamp's frame there is an image of fountain-pen with its nib decorated with the engraved aurochs' head.

Thanks to Andrzej for the FDC

Cover from Poland

Nice cover from Poland

Stamp of Poland

Tigers - China

Stamp of Ukraine

Stamps of China

01 August 2008

FDC of India

FDC of 250 Years of PUNJAB(Nabha Akal)

FDC of India

FDC of Olympic

FDC from Malaysia

Nice fdc from Malaysia
Thanks to Mohd Nizamuddin Safie

Miniature sheet of Madhubala - India

Indian post had issued stamp of Madhubala In march 2008 to pay tribute to great actress of Indian film industry.
Madhubala (Urdu: مدھو بالا), born Mumtaz Begum Jehan Dehlavi, was a popular Hindi film actress who starred in several successful films in the 1950s and early 1960s. Many have achieved classic and cult status today. With her contemporaries, Nargis and Meena Kumari, she is widely regarded as one of the most talented and influential actresses to have appeared on the screens of Indian cinema.
Denomination: 500p

Rat Year - Canada

To celebrate 2008 as chinese Rat Year many countries had issued special RAT stamps.
Here is the Rat Year stamps isued by Canada
Beautiful Miniature sheet with embossed printing


Renewable Energy - India

Renewable sources of Energy
Stamp issued in 2007 by INDIA
Denomination: 500p x 4

Army - china

Stamps depecting army of China

2550 Years of Buddha - India

Miniature sheet
2550 Year of Mahaparinirvana of Buddha
Denomination: 500p x 6

Scented Sandalwood stamp - India

First Scented stamp of india

Denomination: 1500p